About Washington Waters

Washington Waters is a broad-based statewide coalition advocating for a measured and proactive investment approach in Washington’s water system to improve floodplain and riparian habitat, and water storage for municipal, farming, fishing, and recreation.

Washington’s waters are increasingly threatened by pollutants, failing infrastructure, and supply issues. We believe that clean and plentiful water is vital to keeping Washington communities healthy and economically vibrant. That’s why we advocate for funding investments and maintenance in water systems now. We believe a proactive approach, rather than responding to court cases and emergencies, is the best way to address water problems and needs.

Recently, the Washington state legislature authorized a study for a 20-year plan to fund basic water infrastructure needs. The study focused on improved floodplain and riparian habitat, municipal and agriculture water storage, and fish passage projects.

The study confirmed the vast network to manage water in Washington state has largely been neglected over the last 60 years and identified the need for a $32.7 billion investment plan over 20 years — with an initial investment of $4 billion now.