Water. It sustains human, animal, fish, and plant life. Industry from agriculture to manufacturing relies on it. And water protects public health, provides recreational activities, and generates electricity.

But today our water is threatened by the demands of a growing population, increased development, and by aging, inadequate, and outdated systems for managing it. Drought, flooding, contaminated drinking water, and limited water supplies are becoming more frequent in Washington state. And aging water facilities, such as dams, levees, pumps, tanks, and storage and treatment plants, are at best inadequate and in some places failing.

The absence of a statewide, modern water management and infrastructure investment plan threatens Washington’s economy, environment, forests, fisheries, and quality of life. That’s why Washington Waters advocates for proper investments in our invaluable water systems.

Clean and plentiful water is vital to keeping Washington communities healthy and economically vibrant. We can no longer take our water supply and safety for granted. We need a statewide water plan and funding strategy.